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One Direction Angst and Hurt/Comfort Meme

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The First Prompt Post
hipster pug omg
tamzinrose wrote in 1dangstmeme
The Rules:
  • No ship wars or prompt bashing. This includes complaining about too many prompts with so-and-so and not enough with such-and-such. Prompt or fill instead of complaining.
  • If you're linking to a friends-locked fic or a fic on tumblr, please make sure you say that.
  • Crossposting to other memes is fine. Please post a link in case it gets filled elsewhere.
  • Please don't use pairing names in your prompts (so, Liam/Niall instead of Niam, etc)
  • As long as at least one member of One Direction is involved, anything goes (gen, slash, het, ot5, genderswap, whatever)
  • Maintain the fourth wall. Always. Do not tweet links to anyone even remotely involved with One Direction.
  • One prompt per comment.

Have a miserable time!

There is a Delicious account for the Angst Meme here (sorry it's under my name).

There is a flatview here

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well. i spent like two hours scrubbing blood out of the carpet (and kitchen and bathroom). so. angst it up, guys. the boys cleaning up blood, for whatever reason (suicide attempt, fight, murder, whatever).

are you okay?

(and seconded!)

wow. this.

a. are you okay/is everything okay?

b. as much as i need to not claim all the prompts ever i am stealing this one because the idea in my head is just horrible and wonderful and i can't let it go no matter how much i wish it would leave

a. yeah, all good


After also having to scrub blood out of my carpet today, I am even more excited for you be (maybe?) filling this.

it's an experience, isn't it? hope you're okay <3

definitely an experience. and i'm fine. thank you. :)

): so much blood scrubbing lately. i'm sorry it's been taking me so long to write this but i swear it's going to get done. i've been working 35 hour weeks and trying to keep up with my schoolwork and maintain my sanity so i haven't had much time to write. I'll get it done though! I swear it!

sorry this took me so long to write ): i hope it works though

this house no longer feels like home

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